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TSD Conic VTS Tournament

1,295.00 kr
NEW AND FINAL TSD LINE! The brand new TSD Conic VTS Tournament has been in development for close to 1,5 years and it is finally here! This is a brand new type of tournament spey lines that gives you the change to change the front and total length with 3 different length of tips. This system gives you 3 lines in one for different conditions and personal form for the day, and the set is delivered in a perfect sized line wallet to hel keep order! INTRODUCTION OFFER!

SALE – TSD Conic VTS (Versatile Tip System)

995.00 kr1,150.00 kr

3 new models!

A perfect kit where you have both floating belly and 3 tips (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3). Included: TSD line wallet. VTS available in 8 different weight and length: #7/8  10,8 meters – 27 grams #8/9  11,6 meters – 33 grams #8/9+  11,9 meters – 36 grams #9/10  11 meters – 39 grams - new line! #10/11  12,2 meters – 39 grams #11/12  13 meters – 43 grams #11/12  13 meters – 47 grams - new line! #10/11/12  16,5 meter – 54 grams - new line!
NOTE- If you want lengths/weights that are not available, just let me know and I will cut and loop the line for you. For example, 30 grams that is cut down from 33 grams becomes approx. 11.1 meters and it costs nothing extra for a new loop!
For more detailed info, read further down!