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TSD Conic VTS Tournament

1,295.00 kr
NEW AND FINAL TSD LINE! The brand new TSD Conic VTS Tournament has been in development for close to 1,5 years and it is finally here! This is a brand new type of tournament spey lines that gives you the change to change the front and total length with 3 different length of tips. This system gives you 3 lines in one for different conditions and personal form for the day, and the set is delivered in a perfect sized line wallet to hel keep order! INTRODUCTION OFFER!

TSD Salt Impact series

2,395.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Predators, salt, strong winds, sharp teeth and angry fish are just some of the things that have been the idea behind the brand new TSD Salt Impact series. #7/8 is perfect for the heavier and harder fishing for sea trout as well as the tropics and Bonefish. #9/10 is intended as a tough rod for Pike here at home, but also for Permit, Jack Cravelle and easier fishing for Tarpon at warmer latitudes. For those of you who liked the old TSD Impact, you will love the new Salt Impact!
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SALE – TSD Conic VTS (Versatile Tip System)

995.00 kr1,150.00 kr

3 new models!

A perfect kit where you have both floating belly and 3 tips (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3). Included: TSD line wallet. VTS available in 8 different weight and length: #7/8  10,8 meters – 27 grams #8/9  11,6 meters – 33 grams #8/9+  11,9 meters – 36 grams #9/10  11 meters – 39 grams - new line! #10/11  12,2 meters – 39 grams #11/12  13 meters – 43 grams #11/12  13 meters – 47 grams - new line! #10/11/12  16,5 meter – 54 grams - new line!
NOTE- If you want lengths/weights that are not available, just let me know and I will cut and loop the line for you. For example, 30 grams that is cut down from 33 grams becomes approx. 11.1 meters and it costs nothing extra for a new loop!
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TSD Aurum 9´#5

3,850.00 kr4,095.00 kr
Every single part of this rod is carefully chosen to give a real premium rod at a very attractive price! The idea behind the design of this rod was having a perfect class five rod for lake and slightly larger rivers, all-round fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. The blank is extremely light and resilient, the feeling is like just magical with a great power punch. With stainless hard chrome-plated wire and a rope guide ring in pure titanium and you have a fly rod of the highest class. The blade is clear lacquered with a faint color of brown olive, where you can clearly see the beautiful and vibrant carbon fiber fabric. Together with AAAA premium cork, slender roller bracket with inlays of Masurian birch and metal in gold olive. For more details, read further down!