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Tool Vision waders – Large

1,999.00 kr

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Tool wader features plenty of pockets and highly thought features for different accessories. The multi layer stretchable chest pocket has comfortable hand warmer tunnel. On top of that we made a big main compartment which is divided into two, both secured with a vertical zipper. Between the zippers you can find a useful webbing loop strap where you can attach different kind of tools. On top of the right chest we placed a smaller pocket, under an accessory flap so the item / tools which are hanging can easily been put in and away. Inside the wader there is the traditional flip pocket with a velcro so if you want you can add the separate Vision Waterproof Pouch to give that extra protection to your phone or car keys. Tool wader is made from a highly breathable 3-layer fabric. The fabric has a soft, brushed surface but the fabric’s weave is tight, adding the strength and wear ability. Neoprene socks are cut into form of left & right for maximum comfort and they are made of soft but dense material. Size:  Large only left in stock

TSD Conic VTS (Versatile Tip System)

295.00 kr1,295.00 kr

3 nya modeller och numera säljs vissa bellies även separat!

20% rabatt på alla bellies!

Ett perfekt kit där du har både flytande belly och 3 spetsar (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3). Inklusive: TSD line wallet (inte på lösa bellies). VTS finns annars i 8 olika utföranden: #7/8  10,8 meter – 27 gram  #8/9  11,6 meter – 33 gram #8/9+  11,9 meter – 36 gram #9/10  11 meter – 39 gram - ny lina! #10/11  12,2 meter – 39 gram #11/12  13 meter – 43 gram #11/12  13 meter – 47 gram - ny lina! #10/11/12  16,5 meter – 54 gram - ny lina!
OBS - Önskar ni längder/vikter som inte finns säg bara till så kapar jag och öglar linorna åt er. Exempelvis 30 gram som klipps ner från 33 gram blir ca 11,1 meter och det kostar inget extra för ny ögla! För mer detaljerad info, läs längre ner!