Tellis Fly Fishing/Flugfiske has since 2019,
been learning how to balance its current ecological footprints on Earth. 

There are so many ways we can lower our footprints on this planet and in an easy way!


To lower the plastic usage at Tellis Fly Fishing, plastic is either reused or recycled for further usage.

Paper is also reused or recycled for further usage.

There are many times, most of them where we pick up trash along the ocean or the rivers.
It is a shame to see how some anglers are trashing around like that in nature!

Privately, Tellis and Elsa recycle almost all plastic, paper, glass and metal. In the nearest future, the couple is going to experiment with re-using food waste, using the Bokashi method.

Eco products

When Tellis Fly Fishing is having hosted trips, he always cooks for the guests and when ever possible, eco products are being bought for clients. Sadly still today there is a high price difference when it comes to eco meat and non eco meat. Hopefully that will change in the nearest future. 

Privately, Tellis and Elsa buy almost only eco products and have started to home grow eco food as well such as carrots, potatoes, few types of chili and paprika. They have also started to eat way less meat at home. 

Single use products

Since 2019, single use products have almost never been used and will not be used in the nearest future.
There are always solutions to use and choose from, we will find a way not to use any when cutlery is needed outdoors.

Privately, Tellis and Elsa also have aluminum coffee and tea mugs that they travel and fish with. 

Second hand stores

It is amazing how much good stuff we can find in a second hand market!
Always once in a a while, items from a second market are being bought for the company to serve our clients better.

Privately, Tellis and Elsa buy many of their private items in a second hand store. They also don’t want to own to much stuff but their plants need an item or two and there are the second hand items well used.


There are no plastic bottles used by Tellis Fly Fishing. Aluminum bottles are light and can contain both cold and hot water and are a fantastic way to take water from your home to the river/lake/ocean.

Privately, Tellis and Elsa think a lot about plastic usage and wonders why we still are seeing so much plastic?
Many of them are not renewed to a “better” plastic or changed to a different packing of the product.

Car usage

Where Tellis Fly Fishing is moving, there are only few hundred meters to the post bin so the ecological footprints will be even less.
If needed to travel by car for posting orders, they are collected over a day or two so the trip is worth the while and even more errands in the same trip.

Sadly the car usage is always high during the high season.

Privately, Tellis and Elsa don’t use their car that much, it is mostly used for work.

Tellis Fly Fishing is always trying to find new ways to do more eco friendly decisions in current time, not in the future, now is the time to make a change!
Here are 8 Ways to Reduce Your Ecological Footprints.


Published: 28. sept 2021.