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SALE – TSD US Tubes, 15mm – Silver 10-pack!

25.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Perfekta tuber för att lätt binda flugor med lite extra vikt. Antingen som enkel metallkropp eller istället för att binda på den grövre plasttuben så har du denna under din vanliga kropp.  Detta skyddar tafsen mot metallkanten.  Storlek:  15 mm. Färg:  Silver  Säljs i 10-pack!

Strung Guinea Feathers

109.00 kr


Strängda guineafjädrar är perfekta för att hacka ditt favoritstålmönster eller sjö eller streamer. Perfekt för svansar, streamers eller flugor av mjuk hackeltyp där ett större nät för hackle behövs. De erbjuder en unik naturlig "spokling" som förstärker utseendet på en krage eller hackle med handflat. Färger: Yellow - Orange - Chartreuse.

Tool Vision waders – Large

1,999.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Tool wader features plenty of pockets and highly thought features for different accessories. The multi layer stretchable chest pocket has comfortable hand warmer tunnel. On top of that we made a big main compartment which is divided into two, both secured with a vertical zipper. Between the zippers you can find a useful webbing loop strap where you can attach different kind of tools. On top of the right chest we placed a smaller pocket, under an accessory flap so the item / tools which are hanging can easily been put in and away. Inside the wader there is the traditional flip pocket with a velcro so if you want you can add the separate Vision Waterproof Pouch to give that extra protection to your phone or car keys. Tool wader is made from a highly breathable 3-layer fabric. The fabric has a soft, brushed surface but the fabric’s weave is tight, adding the strength and wear ability. Neoprene socks are cut into form of left & right for maximum comfort and they are made of soft but dense material. Size:  Large only left in stock

TSD Conic VTS Bellies

295.00 kr320.00 kr

SALE Offer!

4 different bellies that are sold separate!

Floating Skagit Belly  6,5 meter – 32 gram  Hoover Belly  8,5 meter – 35 gram Float/Sink 3 Belly  8,5 meter – 39 gram Int./Sink 3 Belly  8,5 meter – 39 gram
If you are looking for the perfect kit, where you can get both floating belly and 3 tips (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3), then the Conic VTS is what you are looking for, CLICK HERE!

TSD i-US Tubes

35.00 kr65.00 kr

Ny produkt!

  Storlekar just nu:  10  mm. Färger just nu:  Silver / Black / Copper. Säljs i 10-pack & 10-pack! Glöm inte att köpa till Future Flys 1,8 mm tubslang som innertub!

SALE – Easy Shrimp Legs 2.0

29.00 kr


Easy Shrimp Legs 2.0 are really nice when tying Shrimp flies with rubber legs that are easy to use. Size: Medium Color: Super Fluo Transparent Quantity: 6-pack

TSD Fluoro Fibre

39.00 kr195.00 kr

7-Pack Offer!

An absolutely wonderful Blended Angel Hair with fantastic luster with delicious mixed colors. All colors have a mix of shades in them and cover pretty much everything in color if you have a few different ones! The strands are a little wider than regular Angel hair but not as wide as for example Flashabou. This is definitely a personal favorite with slightly wider fibers than regular Angel hair. Längd: ungefär 25 cm. Färger: 7 olika färger.
BUY 7 PAY 5 = Buy all colors, pay for only 5

Partridge Patriot Double Up-Eye BN

139.00 kr
Partridge Up-Eye Double Hook är den perfekta dubbelkroken för lax och havsöringflugor ! Modifierad Dublin böj rakspetsad smidd dubbelkrok med Black Nickel finish.  #6 - 30mm totallängd #8 - 25mm totallängd 10 stycke i varje packet.

SALE – FutureFly Freshwater Rooster Saddle

325.00 kr

SUPER SALE Offer! Only one color left in stock!

These badger saddles are a high quality product, fully packed with feathers.

There are both long and short feathers. The thin and strong stem makes it possible to be used in all shorts of flies - Pike flies - Salmon flies - Sea trout flies - Streamers and coastal flies