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TSD Blended Angel Hair 5-pack!

99.00 kr

SUPER 5-Pack Offer!

Fantastisk lyster med läckra mixade färger! Blended Angel hair är ett flash material som inte behöver någon närmre presentation. Riktigt läckra färger som ger dig läckra tonskiftningar i och med de olika färgerna på stråna. 8 olika färger. - Fiery Olive - Blue Purple - Golden Olive - Warm Gold - Royal Blue - Bright Gold - Rainbow - Silver Pearl

TSD Distance+ WF Intermediate #5

325.00 kr

SALE offer!

34% discount off this TSD Distance+ WF Intermediate #5 line without line wallet.

Distance + is a really good all-round line that gives the technical fisherman more possibilities! The long taper gives you great possibilities in both casting and fishing. The line has its primary weight around 11 meters, but thanks to its long rear taper of 6 meters, you have a line that works for fast, short casts as well for those really long casts where you carry a lot of line. For the technically skilled caster and fisherman, the long taper is a real dream. But due to the fact that you have the main weight on the front part of the line, it is easy to cast even for the beginner! The long taper also gives you better opportunities to control the longest casts. With a sinking speed in 'true intermediate' and super smooth coating, this is a great choice for coastal fishing for sea trout! Line weight:  #5 (16 gram) Color: light mint green
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TSD Salt Impact series

2,600.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Predators, salt, strong winds, sharp teeth and angry fish are just some of the things that have been the idea behind the brand new TSD Salt Impact series. #7/8 is perfect for the heavier and harder fishing for sea trout as well as the tropics and Bonefish. #9/10 is intended as a tough rod for Pike here at home, but also for Permit, Jack Cravelle and easier fishing for Tarpon at warmer latitudes. For those of you who liked the old TSD Impact, you will love the new Salt Impact!
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SALE – Black Streamer Rooster Neck #2

99.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Great hackle to Wool sock (Ullsocken)! Really nice rooster necks for streamers and salmon flies.

Grade #2

Nice capes/necks with a lot of feathers, it has the same quality as #1 but is a little smaller in size and has fewer/smaller feathers.

TSD Line Wallet

129.00 kr
The TSD Line Wallets has room for 5 lines, leaders or tippets and fits them perfectly! The wallet also fits perfectly for all kinds of gadgets you need by the water. Size: 15 x 15 cm.

TSD SW Angel Hair Blended 5-pack!

125.00 kr

5-Pack Offer!

Very good SaltWater Blended Angel Hair with fantastic luster with mixed colors. All colors have a mix of shades in them and cover pretty much everything in color if you have a few different ones! The strands are a little wider than regular Angel hair but not as wide as for example Flashabou. This is definitely a personal favorite with slightly wider fibers than regular Angel hair. Available in 10 different colors. - SeaBlue - Copper Blaze - Bright Gold - Silver Pearl - Rainbow - Olive - Green - Sparkle Orange - Sparkle Blue - Purple

TSD Chickabou patches (mini marabou)

59.00 kr

NYA FÄRGER! Banana & Olive Banana

En riktigt läcker nyhet med många användningsområden! Perfekt som stjärtar till Woolly Buggers och andra streamer men även riktigt fint som fronthackle på flugor du vill ha lite extra liv i. Helt perfekt för lax och havsöringsflugor som binds för strömmande vatten med lägre fart på vattnet och helt klart ett bra val för dina havsöringsflugor som du vill ha lite mer volym på. 15 färger!

TSD HD Coneheads 100-pack!

189.00 kr

100-Pack Offer!

Nice cones with incredibly nice glitter! Perfect for flies between 5-8 cm and fits the 1.8 mm hose from FutureFly. Despite a fairly solid cavity, which easily covers binding thread and residues, there is a little more weight in these. The cones also have a really nice luster and shiny surface! Sizes: 4,5 mm (0,17 grams) & 5,5 mm (0,28 grams) Colors: Silver, Gold, Hot Orange & Black. Sold in 100-pack!

Pearl Tinsel

29.00 kr
Härlig tinsel med hög lyster för både kroppar och som ribbing på lax och havsöringsflugor. Storlekar:  Medium / Large.