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#1 The Autumn Fly (Höstflugan) Package

239.00 kr
This packages contains enough material to tie around 10 flies AND each bag will contain one fly tied personally by Tellis Katsogiannos.
The package include;
1,8mm TSD plastic tube - Clear (2 pcs)
TSD Drop Tube, Small - Copper (10-pack)
TSD Blended Ice dub - Claret Brown (1/2 pack)
TSD SW Angel hair - Copper Blaze (1/2 pack)
TSD Supreme Fox hair - Black TSD Supreme Fox hair - Fiery Cinnamon
TSD Rooster Saddle - Badger/Grizzly Orange (10-12 feathers) 1 Autumn fly tied by Tellis Katsogiannos
Below, you will find a fly tying description + a YouTube video of how to tie the fly along with a link to my blog about the fly, enjoy!

SALE – TSD Slinky Hair

20.00 kr


A must for fish imitations! Slinky Hair is a perfect swimming wing material for fish imitations, but works well for other streamers and as a base in many pike flies. 5 different colors.

TSD Plastic Tubes 20-pack!

59.00 kr

Good Price!

Recommended! We are very happy to be able to present our own plastic tubes to your tube flies. In our opinion, it is perfectly stiff, between medium and stiff, which gives you good stability enough without cracking as some other models can do. 1,8 mm (medium soft):  2 different colors, Black & Clear.   ~ 1,8 mm fits perfectly in 3,0 mm plastic tube.  Sold in 20-pack. Each piece of tube is 20 cm long = 4 m in total for a super good price!

SALE – Chrystal Flash

25.00 kr


En riktig klassiker! Krystal Flash är perfekt för streamers, tubflugor och andra flugor som behöver lite lyster. 3 olika färger.

SALE – TSD Vinyl Rib

15.00 kr


Med denna läckra vinyl rib skapar du smäckra kroppar med riktigt fina segment. Nymfer, puppor eller varför inte räkflugor? Väldigt hållbart!

SALE – Sili Legs

45.00 kr

SALE Offer!

Sili Legs with their transparency and flexibility surpasses most conventional rubber legs. Perfect for flies where you want extra life in, for example zonkers or saltwater flies. 4 different colors

TSD Drop Tubes 100-pack

295.00 kr

100-Pack Offer!

With these tubes you can quickly and easily tie nice flies that fish well. These fine tubes make the fly break the surface quickly and the heaviest ones give you the opportunity to present the fly deeply. Sizes:  Small & Medium. Colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Copper. Sold in 100-pack!
More details below!

SALE – Woolly Bugger flies

15.00 kr


The Olive & Black color combo that always works! One of my favorites throughout the season, but especially during late summer/autumn fishing.
1 pattern left: Olive Bugger.
Hook Size:  6.

TSD Soft Hackle patches

159.00 kr179.00 kr

Nya patchar! Gradering #1 med LARGE fjädrar! 

Ny Färg... Burnt Orange i gradering #1 med LARGE fjädrar!

Finns nu i 3 olika graderingar.
Gradering #1  dessa patchar är riktigt fina och har mycket fjädrar i varierade storlekar! 
Gradering #1  LARGE riktigt fina patchar som har större fjädrar! 
Gradering #2   samma fina kvalitet men är aningen mindre i storlek eller har inte fullt lika tätt med bra hackel. 
Klara, fina patchar med riktigt fina hackle för lax och havsöringflugorna.
Den perfekta "mittemellanfjädern", fjädrarna har fylliga fibrer likt hönsadel men samtidigt spänst och karaktären från tupp!
Fina färger och med bra variation av storlek på hackle, vilket gör detta till ett riktigt bra val.
Finns i hela 20 olika färger.
Mer information kan du se längre ner på sidan

TSD Rooster Saddle

99.00 kr269.00 kr

4 New Colors! Olive, Dark Banana, Magenta, & Silver Doctor Blue

Now available in 4 different gradings.

#Platinum  Best of the Best at a really good price!
#1+  Bigger, more and better!
#1  For those who require a really good hackle with consistent quality.
#2  Very price worthy hackle!
Really nice Rooster saddles at a really attractive price Really affordable and graded saddles for those who want a good hackle for salmon and sea trout flies!

19 different colors.

More information you can find lower on this page 

Streamer Rooster Neck #1

175.00 kr


Great hackle to Wool Sock (Ullsocken)! Really big and nice rooster necks for streamers and salmon flies. Clear and nice colors with a lot of variation in the sizes of the feathers. Only 2 colors left in stock.

SALE – FutureFly Rooster Cape

375.00 kr

SALE offer!

Great hackle with nice luster and has crazy amount of hackle! Thanks to its size, you have hackle for both salmon, sea trout flies and streamers in all sizes. Really big and nice rooster necks with great variety of hackle. Holds the highest quality! 6 different variations