Tellis Katsogiannos – Personal Online Casting Coach

Tellis offers detailed analyze on your casing skills.
The start package is 795 SEK
After that you only pay 595 SEK for each online casting coaching after that!

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Tellis Online Casting Coach (Start package)

795.00 kr 595.00 kr

NYHET 2021!

This package offer will deliver detailed technique structure on your casting from a video you send in.
When ordered, you will receive information of what YOU need to deliver to us, so we can deliver a thorough analyze with solutions for your casting. 
OBS !!! You only pay the 795 SEK (only 595 SEK for now!!) for your first online coach, after that you will receive the online coach price of 595 SEK, no matter how many you want!
What we want from you is... 1. A casting video of you. 2. Information about you as a caster. (we will send you detailed information about what we need to deliver the best service possible) What you will get from us is... 1. Detailed analyze of your casting through your own video. 2. 30 min video call with Tellis to go over everything. 3. If any physical issues, Elsa Antheia will help you to find suitable exercises so you will be able to do your best casts! 4. 30 min video call with Elsa to go over everything.
Further details about how this is set up can be founder here below!