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Season 2: LIVE Donation Collective Post

This post holds around all auction donations along with the final LIVE night where donations were done through lottery tickets, with lottery donations from great companies.

This post will be updated after each LIVE auction donation.

Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen

We all can make a difference!
By supporting their work, they can improve salmon stocks in the rivers and their habitats.
A happy river supports life of many other animals as well, as contributing to viable salmon and sea-migrating trout stocks in the wild Baltic salmon rivers.

By supporting the Baltic Salmon Foundation, you will get one lottery ticket for each 100 SEK you donate for us, Tellis Flugfiske that will be drawn out the last night of the LIVE Fly Tying Friday like we did at the end of season 1.

When you donate, you can leave a comment with ‘Tellis Flugfiske donations’ and you will receive a lottery ticket for each 100 SEK you donate.
Just send us a screenshot of your contribution and
we will put you on the list of lottery owners.

HERE is the lottery list.

We thank YOU for your contribution!


1st Auction

First auction started on the 3rd of december 2021, supporting Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen.
Åke Magnusson donated 500 SEK with his generous offer and he received these two Pahtakorva (Phatagorva) flies for his donation.

2nd Auction

Our second auction supporting Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen, started on the 10th of december 2021.
Hans Bernhardsson donated 500 SEK for this mixed hair package that had bucktail, monkey and fox hair, we thank him for his contribution.

3rd Auction

The auction continues on the third week to support Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen, now starting on the 17th of December 2021.
These two flies were auctioned out, Red Butt and Fire Butt and the auction winner this time around was Christofer Roth with 400 SEK, we thank him for his contribution.


4th Auction

The last auction of 2021 was on the 30th of December, still supporting Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen.
This time around the auction was for two Rooster saddles and a ‘Baltic Salmon’ cup.
Åke Magnusson was the winner yet again with 800 SEK donation, we thank him again for his generous donation.


5th Auction

New year has begun and we continue with our auction donation in 2022.


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