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Season 2 of LIVE Fly Tying Fridays With Tellis Katsogiannos

This is the 1st collected post out of 4, sharing next 4 Friday events, showing what flies will be tied those two fly tying events and also those two tips and tricks that are on schedule for the next 4 Fridays.

Yet another season has passed and we have experienced a lot of new things, as well as being more able to travel during the summer. The fishing season overall here in Scandinavia seems to been a decent one for most of us. We where also able to go to Norway for a few weeks and for most of us that was one of the highlights of the summer! Once again we spent a lot of time in the north of Sweden and fished the baltic rivers. Seeing once again the huge potential these rivers has, the choice for this winters donations was pretty easy. During the first period of time with all these LIVE events, all donations and auctions will be held for The Baltic Salmon fund, you will find more information below. This season we will also have more detailed Tips and Tricks in between the fly tying weeks! With that said, we are glad to be back on a new fly tying season and very glad to see YOU back again!

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These times are still a little strange to some or most of us, supporting each other is always needed, both to those we know but also to strangers as much as we can, in any way we can!
So, we decided to choose 2 different organisations, one for every 4 LIVE Fly Tying evenings. Each week we will mention that organisation and tell their story.
Tellis Flugfiske will donate 500 SEK to each organisations chosen!
We chose Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen as our first organisation.

Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen

We all can make a difference!
By supporting their work, they can improve salmon stocks in the rivers and their habitats.
A happy river supports life of many other animals as well, as contributing to viable salmon and sea-migrating trout stocks in the wild Baltic salmon rivers.

By supporting the Baltic Salmon Foundation, you will get one lottery ticket for each 100 SEK you donate for us, Tellis Flugfiske that will be drawn out the last night of the LIVE Fly Tying Friday like we did at the end of season 1.

When you donate, you can leave a comment with ‘Tellis Flugfiske donations’ and you will receive a lottery ticket for each 100 SEK you donate.
Just send us a screenshot of your contribution and we will put you on the list of lottery owners.

HERE is the lottery list.

We thank YOU for your contribution!


First 4 LIVE events

See Facebook Event #13 here: LIVE Fly Tying Friday with Tellis Katsogiannos

#13 fly package you can buy here: The Pahtakorva (Phatagorva) fly

The Pahtakorva (Phatagorva) fly is probably one of the most famous patterns for salmon and sea trout. Originally made by Mikael Frödin and is definitely very often thought of as his signum fly. I think all of us has a salmon or two that is caught on this fly. Here is my personal take on his very efficient pattern! 

First auction

Åke Magnusson was the winner of the first auction donation and supported Stiftelsen för Östersjölaxen for 500 SEK!
We thank Åke for his generous donation.


See Facebook Event #1 here: Tips & Tricks with Tellis Katsogiannos

Have you ever wondered what hair to choose? Or why sometimes the whole wing just gets tangled in the hook? Choosing the right hairs and structures is key to making the fly swim and behave the way you want! In this episode I will show you how to use different types of hairs for different parts of the fly or different fly patterns.



See Facebook Event #14 here: LIVE Fly Tying Friday with Tellis Katsogiannos

#14 fly package you can buy here: Glödhäck (Fire Butt) & Red Butt flies

The classic Red butt and Fire butt is probably one of the most efficient flies for a lot of different species and over a period of time my absolute favorite. I have caught a lot of “personal bests” with this fly and my largest Norwegian salmon to this day is caught on a size 6 double hook Red butt. In this episode we will have a look on both a more classic version on a double hook and a typical modern tube fly.


See Facebook Event #2 here: Tips & Tricks with Tellis Katsogiannos

Why is the hackle not looking the way you want? How can I get the right length of the fibers? These are just two of the many questions all of us have struggled with as we have learned about fly tying. In this episode I will show you how to choose the right hackle and feathers for the right type of fly and also show how the look of a fly will change dramatically by using a different type of feather!



Weekly Collective Post After Each Event

After each LIVE event, a Blog post will be posted few days later with collective content from that event along with video of the fly/flies that was tied.


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