Life… it should be enjoyed in so many ways and with great passion because life is short!
We att Tellis Flugfiske/Fly Fishing want you to have the best, experience the best and we want to offer the best we can.
Through Knowledge and Quality, we offer Personal service with great Enjoyment.

These quality traits are important for us.
How can we help?

How can we do better?
We truly want to know so we can be our best to deliver the best!

Please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your experience with Tellis Fly Fishing/Flugfiske better.
We appreciate both negative and positive feedback because both strengthen us!

Also see, how Tellis Fly Fishing/Flugfiske has since 2019, been learning how to balance its current ecological footprints on Earth. 

Published: 14. nove 2020
Updated: 29. sept 2021