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#9 Green Highlander

The Green Highlander is a very famous pattern for salmon and it has been used for ages. Unfortunately, it is a very misunderstood fly. It is most often referred as a fly for the clear waters of Norway and of course, sunny bright weathers, which is of course is correct. BUT, it’s just so much more than just a fly for sunny days or the rivers of Norway. If you look at the colors of the fly, imagine a sunny, bright day along any river. What colors would you see and find around you? You will see more or less all the colors of the Green highlander, even darker and murky waters. Take river Mörrum in Sweden for an example. Most people would shake their head if you put on a Green Highlander, but I can tell you that they are wrong. For example, one of my close friends (Björn) has caught more or less all of his salmon on Green Highlander. Not only in Mörrum but in several rivers around Scandinavia. He said to me many years ago, “Why should I change the fly? Because someone else thinks it’s the wrong fly?”. And he is 100% correct in his view. I remember when he caught his first June salmon in Mörrum, locals that I know could not believe that he caught that fish on a Green Highlander. That salmon was a perfect specimen, a fresh big salmon, around 11 kilos.

Regardless of what anyone says, the most important thing with choosing your fly, is your belief in the fly. But, looking out on a water like Mörrum on a sunny day and then taking that green, reddish fly out of my box, gives me a very good feeling and I can promise you that when you see that fly in the water, you might change your mind.

Material for 10 Green Highlander flies HERE!

Tying description of the Green Highlander 

Tube: Clear 1,8mm + TSD Drop Tubes, S – Gold
Thread: White & Black
Dubbing: TSD Salmon Signatur Dub – Green
Wing 1: TSD Supreme Foxhair – Orange
Flash 1: TSD Tinsel Flash – Gold
Wing 2: TSD Supreme Foxhair – Yellow
Hackle 1: TSD Rooster Hackle – Yellow
Wing 3: TSD Supreme Foxhair – Bright Green
Flash 2: TSD SW Angel Hair – Blue
Hackle 2: TSD Rooster Hackle – Bright Green
Wing 4: TSD Supreme Foxhair – Dark Fiery Brown


Supporting amazing work and every penny is worth it

If you are an angler on the coast of Sweden, this is something to support.

As can be seen on Fiskevårdsnätverket Göteborg´s website, that yearly support matters greatly and we have together managed to collect around 50.000 SEK for the organisation the past few years through events like “Havsöringens dag”, a small show that has been arranged for the last 6 years. This year we can not do this due to Covid so we are trying to at least get a little bit through our fly tying events.

Do you want to support conservation work that improves the habitat and spawning grounds for trout?

Those who want to donate to the organization can do so by scanning this QR and Swish to us, then you are in our Lottery pot that will be drawn out on the 26th of February, on our last night of LIVE Fly Tying.

If there is someone who wants to contribute to the auction in any other way, to support the organisation, can contact me at

Since we don’t have the option to meet up, enjoy each others company, we might as well try to do some fun online fly tying with friends and family members.

Please send your donation (in Sweden) with Swish to number 0704886401 and mark your donation with “#BeActive“.
Since they do not have a donation site like earlier organizations we have solved it using Swish. If you want to donate in any other way, do not hesitate to make contact!

Our first auction, supporting Fiskevårdsnätverket Göteborg

On our first auction for Fiskevårdsnätverket we managed to receive 500:-SEK for the Green Highlander I tied on the LIVE event.
Thank you very much Mats Carlsson for your fantastic bid!
You can also donate without bidding with Swish to 0704886401 (same as the QR above).

This was our first week with Fiskevårdsnätverket Göteborg and we have until the 26 of February!

When we work together, we are so much stronger!
We are so grateful for your participation and generosity.


Björns fantastic Mörrum Salmon caught on a Green Highlander


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