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#11 Black & Green Helmet

The Black and Green Helmet was one of my favorite flies and still has a special spot in my box. This pattern is to my knowledge a pattern that no other than Mikael Frödin came up with several years ago. I first got in contact with this pattern about 17 years ago. With the bright, amazing green colors matching up perfectly with black makes this fly very easy on the eyes! Most of the times this fly is referred to as a typical “green river fly”, for those crystal clear rivers in Norway. And, even though it really fishes great in those rivers, they work really good in humus rivers as well. I have caught a lot salmon in this fly in my home river Örekil! But, the reason that this fly always will be special to me, is due to the fact that my first ever salmon over 10 kilos was caught on exactly this pattern! A beautiful 12 kilo salmon and still the biggest one I have caught in river Orkla. 

There is like always variations of the different patterns and this fly is no different. As you might have noticed, I very seldom put any effort into the bodies of my flies and I try to focus more on the wing, hackle and shape of the fly. My variations is therefore not identical with Mikael Frödins. He uses body hackle, tag and butt and more, which makes the fly look even better! But that does not necessary mean it is better at catching fish. Regardless of your personal style and taste, you should have a few of these in your fly box!

Material for 10 Black & Green helmet flies HERE!

Tying description for Black & Green helmet

Tubes: FutureFly 1,8mm & 3,0mm plastic tubes – Transparent Green
Body 1: TSD Pearl Tinsel – Green
Body 2: TSD Blended Ice Dub – Fiery Black
Wing 1: TSD Supreme Fox hair – Bright Green
Flash: TSD SW Angel Hair – Green
Wing 2: TSD Supreme Fox hair – Black
Hackle: TSD Rooster Hackle – Black
Head: TSD Conehead, Small – Green



My personal best in Orkla, caught with Black & Green Helmet!

A big Örekil river “buck”, caught on a small Black & Green Helmet!


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