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#12 The Usual (Den Vanliga)

This pattern has its roots in the north of Sweden and has become a well known fly all across Scandinavia. If you ever go to the rivers in the north, this fly should be in your box! With its color combination it fits perfectly in those peaty, tea colored rivers, and it truly shines when the weather is nice and the sun is out. If you tie it a little bit darker it will be a fly that fishes really good in all conditions. When I started fishing in the river Örekil this was my go-to fly every time. I just loved how it both blended in with the environment but also was “shining” as it came across in sunlight. In my opinion this fly is absolutely perfect for that river! 

When I started fishing a little bit more in the north of Sweden I was of course “forced” to use this fly as well. It is like the mighty river Spey, every Spey caster and salmon angler should go there. And if you fish in the north, you should use this fly. It is like an unwritten rule, a sort of spiritual courtesy to the river and history. Take all that aside, you should regardless have this fly in these kind of waters, it is just that good…

Material for 10 The Usual (Den Vanliga) flies HERE!

Tying description for The Usual (Den Vanliga)

Tubes: 1,8mm plastic tubes & TSD US tubes – Gold or Copper
Body: TSD Salmon Signature –
Wing 1: TSD Supreme Fox hair – Bright Yellow
Flash 1: TSD Tinsel Flash – Gold
Wing 2: TSD Supreme Fox hair – Orange
Flash 2: TSD SW Angel Hair – Copper Blaze
Wing 3: TSD Supreme Fox hair – Fiery Brown or Dark Fiery Brown
Hackle: Rooster hackle – Silver Doctor Blue



Some great catches with The Usual (Den Vanliga)

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