Fly Tying Fridays

LIVE Fly Tying Fridays #5-8 With Tellis Katsogiannos

The 2nd collected post out of 3, sharing next 4 Friday events, showing what flies will be tied next!

Now we start celebrating the year of 2021 with looking forward to upcoming seasons!!! Closing 2020, a year that has been very intense and challenging for most of us.
We have learned that we need to be strong together, now more than ever!

We will continue to stay safe at home, where both mental and physical challenges seek us but together we can and will fight this!

Next 4 Fridays at 18.00 (GMT+1), Tellis Katsogiannos will continue to host weekly events on Tellis Flugfiske/TSD Fly tackle Facebook page as well as Instagram account (@tellis_flyfishing). Focusing on salmon and saltwater flies, the techniques and discussions on HOW and WHY.  

New fly packages are now available of these flies that will be tied, for those who might not have all the material needed.
These packages have enough material to tie around 10 flies AND each bag will contain one fly tied personally of me as well.
That means that you can in good time prepare your materials if you want to join in and tie these flies LIVE!

LIVE Fly Tying Packages contain these great flies, personally tied of me!

In these strange times, support has never been more needed, supporting each other, friends, family and strangers as much as we can, in any way we can! So, we decided to choose 3 different organisations, one for every 4 week period. We chose Hjärnfonden as our second organisation. Tellis Flugfiske will donate 500 SEK to each organisations chosen!



Hjärnfonden´s is a non-profit fundraising foundation without state support, founded in 1994 with the vision that no one should suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities in the brain. The foundation is completely dependent on gifts and wills from private individuals and on corporate collaborations. It collects and distributes money for researches and informing about the whole brain and all its diseases, injuries and disabilities. Hjärnfonden supports first-class Swedish researchers and research groups with the goal of finding new, effective treatments and to intensify vital researches along with the development and potential of the healthy brain. The foundation constantly are working on increase the gifts to researches by increasing knowledge and commitment about the brain and the importance of research through information, lectures and seminars. Brain researches are in great need of more money, especially for their researches with children. Each gift is very important to keep more brains healthy longer.

We chose to support BarnHjärnfonden because kids always need our help, no matter what! Today, there is too little known about the childs brain, more researches are needed for more knowledge.
Every year, thousands of Swedish children suffer and figures show that more and more young people are suffering from mental illness. It can mean anything from feeling strong anxiety, depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression to suicidal thoughts.

This is a development we must figh because childrens brain should be full of fun thoughts, dreams and a thousand different questions – not diseases, injuries and other things that make life difficult. A single research breakthrough can save the lives of many children, but even small discoveries can make a big difference for both the children affected and their families.

There is hope in the strength of the mass, we can do this together!
The next 4 Fridays, we will hopefully be able to enjoy each others company, tying flies and as before, an auciton of the flie(s) tied LIVE will be auctioned out and donated 100% to Hjärnfonden.
Are you joining us?

Support Hjärnfonden here: Be Active #HealthyAtHome


Next 4 Fly Tying Fridays

See Facebook Event #5 here: LIVE Fly Tying Friday with Tellis Katsogiannos

Week 5 fly package you can buy here: Willy Gun + The Usual Dark

Willy Gun/The Usual Dark is a very famous salmon fly that has proven itself, all over the world. Regardless of what you call it, the combination of Black, Orange & Yellow can be found in almost all fly boxes.


Week 6 fly package you can buy here: Saltwater flies

All over the world, saltwater fishing has become extremely popular. Even though these two Saltwater fly patterns that we will tied this time, are thought to be used for tropical fishing, they also work great for catching all predators.


See Facebook Event #7 here: LIVE Fly Tying Friday with Tellis Katsogiannos

Week 7 fly package you can buy here: Black & Orange

For you guys who know me, know that this fly is one of my favorite. It can be tied in many variations, but this time it will be tied in more “Scandinavian Style”. 


See Facebook Event #8 here: LIVE Fly Tying Friday with Tellis Katsogiannos

Week 8 fly package you can buy here: Sunray Shadow

Probably the most famous salmon fly in the world and should be in every anglers fly box. Easy to tie and many variations can be tied.


Weekly Collective Post After Each LIVE Event as before few days later!

A Blog post with collective content from that event along with video of the fly/flies that was tied.

First 4 fly tying videos are now available on YouTube! 

Please check them out if you haven’t already! 

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