Fly Tying Fridays

Season 1: Fly Tying with Tellis Katsogiannos


In this post is a collective post with all episodes of season 1 are shown and little details about each fly along with all fly tying videos on YouTube.

#1 The Autumn Fly

The Autumn fly has become one of my true favorites and is has proven itself to fish great in so many times and places. It has even become a favorite, fishing for Steelhead in Deschutes, Oregon!

Fly package #1 you can buy here: The Autumn Fly (Höstflugan)

#2 Monkey Style Flies

Most people has heard of ”The Dee monkey” and I will show you my adaptation of it with a few variations and different materials. These kind off lies works more or less all the time and everywhere.

Fly package #2 you can buy here: Monkey Style flies

#3 Coastal Shrimp Flies

Coastal fishing for sea trout has become one of the most popular form of fly fishing in Scandinavia. The sea running trout has a big appatite and they always love shrimp! I will demonstrate 2 very easy way to tie effective patterns.

Fly package #3 you can buy here: Shrimp flies for Sea trout

#4 The Grey Banana Fly

The Grey banana is just one of those flies that was created without any specific plan or scenario, but it has proven itself many times. The grey in the fly makes it ”dissapear” in the right light conditions and my biggest chromed salmon is caught with this fly

Fly package #4 you can buy here: Grey Banana

#5 Willy Gun/The Usual Dark

Willy Gun/The Usual Dark is a very famous salmon fly that has proven itself, all over the world. Regardless of what you call it, the combination of Black, Orange & Yellow can be found in almost all fly boxes.

Fly package #5 you can buy here: Willy Gun + The Usual Dark

#6 Saltwater Flies

All over the world, saltwater fishing has become extremely popular. Even though these two Saltwater fly patterns that we will tied this time, are thought to be used for tropical fishing, they also work great for catching all predators.

Fly package #6 you can buy here: Saltwater flies

#7 Black & Orange Fly

For you guys who know me, know that this fly is one of my favorite. It can be tied in many variations, but this time it will be tied in more “Scandinavian Style”.

Fly package #7 you can buy here: Black & Orange

#8 Sunray Shadow Variations

Probably the most famous salmon fly in the world and should be in every anglers fly box. Easy to tie and many variations can be tied.

Fly package #8 you can buy here: Sunray Shadow

#9 Green Highlander

The Green Highlander is a very famous pattern for salmon and it has been used for ages. If you look at the colors of the fly, imagine a sunny, bright day along any river as well as even darker and murky waters. Most people would shake their head if you put on a Green Highlander, but I can tell you that they are wrong.

Fly package #9 you can buy here: Green Highlander

#10 Opossum Zonkers

Zonker flies has been around for a very long time and has been used a lot in fishing for different variations of trout. This material has a fantastic shimmer and is very easy to cut and tie with. There is a huge variety of colors and sizes and fits for both trout and salmon flies. The best thing about it is the shimmer, fibers and thin skin.

Fly package #10 you can buy here: Opossum Zonker

#11 Black & Green Helmet

With the bright, amazing green colors of the Black & Green fly match up perfectly with black ,making this fly very easy on the eyes! Most of the times this fly is referred to as a typical “green river fly”, for those crystal clear rivers in Norway. Even though it really fishes great in those rivers, they work really good in humus rivers as well.

Fly package #11 you can buy here: Black & Green Helmet

#12 The Usual (Den Vanliga)

The Usual (Den Vanliga) is a pattern that has its roots in the north of Sweden and has become a well known fly all across Scandinavia. With its color combination it fits perfectly in those peaty, tea colored rivers, and it truly shines when the weather is nice and the sun is out. If you tie it a little bit darker it will be a fly that fishes really good in all conditions.

Fly package #12 you can buy here: The Usual (Den Vanliga)


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